How to Cancel Republic Services (Read This First)

Aaron Stahl / Waste Management / July 10, 2023

Contracts are a necessary part of running a business. Different companies must have clear expectations and hold each other accountable in order for everyone’s operations to run smoothly. However, these contractual agreements can be one-sided, making it hard for the smaller player to stand up for themselves.

Waste management companies are notorious for these unfair contracts, and Republic Services is no exception. There are many people out there trying to cancel Republic Services, only to be met with a complicated process or no response from their representatives. If this is you, keep reading to get a better understanding of the Republic Services cancellation process and figure out how to get the help you need.

About Republic Services

Republic Services is a prominent waste management company that provides a comprehensive range of waste collection and disposal services. Claiming a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, Republic Services focuses on managing waste responsibly while offering efficient and reliable solutions. The company serves millions of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers across the United States.

Republic Services offers various waste management services tailored to meet diverse needs. Their residential services encompass curbside waste collection, recycling programs, and yard waste removal. For businesses, Republic Services provides customized waste and recycling solutions, including commercial dumpster rentals, compactor services, and comprehensive waste management plans.

What to Know About Your Republic Services Contract

Many people find themselves or their business in an undesirable contract with Republic Services. Often, these contracts have favorable terms for Republic Services, while the other party gets the short end of the stick.

If you’re considering entering into an agreement with Republic Services, you should consider the following things:

Extra Fees

Additional fees popping up on your invoice are not unique to Republic Services. The entire waste management industry is known for having billing errors and overcharges on their invoices. Republic Services outlines the fees that may appear on their invoices in the contract for invoice-to-invoice agreements. These include:

  • Environmental Recovery Fee
  • Fuel Recovery Fee
  • Administrative Fee
  • Recycling Processing Charge
  • Container Delivery and Removal Fees
  • Service Interruption Charge
  • Late Payment Fee
  • Taxes

Unlawful Rate Increases

Not only should you expect your contract to include clauses for many different types of fees, but Republic Services is also known to include rate increases for services that may or may not be lawful. The waste management company has been on the receiving end of various lawsuits due to unlawful rate increases and fuel recovery fees, according to the website Republic Services Exposed. Knowing that Republic has already had issues with unlawful rate increases may cause business owners to seek Republic Services’ contract termination methods.

Unauthorized Fees

The same website also reports that Republic Services has been forced to refund millions of dollars to their customers due to unauthorized fees and overcharges. Customers are responsible for finding these errors and invoices and submitting a claim for a refund. Most business owners don’t have time to dedicate to this process and therefore end up overspending on trash collection. Companies like P3 Cost Analysts can help businesses immensely by handling invoice audits for them or helping them cancel Republic Services.

No Standard Pricing

In addition to employing questionable contract tactics, Republic Services lacks transparency and standard pricing. Some sales representatives prioritize commissions by encouraging customers to pay more for services, and business owners can’t trust that their representatives have their best interests at heart.

Getting Out of a Waste Management Contract

If you go to the customer support portion of their website, the Republic Services Cancellation Policy looks pretty straightforward. Just give them a call and speak to your representative. In reality, many customers have a very hard time getting a hold of anyone to speak to at all.

To guarantee the best success rate, we recommend working with a professional waste management auditor like P3 Cost Analysts, as there are numerous roadblocks not covered here Republic could put in your way. If you would like to go it alone, the following steps can serve as a guide for you.

1. Review Your Contract or Agreement

You should have read the fine print of your contract, like the terms and conditions, before signing. But if it’s been a while, or you didn’t pay close enough attention, you should go back to your contract before reaching out to your representative. Find out the specific cancellation requirements as outlined in your contract so you enter the conversation with all the necessary information and don’t experience any surprises.

2. Contact Republic Services

The next step is to call Republic Services. According to their website, you can find a phone number for your representative on the front of your invoice. Another option is to call their customer support line. Before calling, gather all the necessary account information to make the process smoother. Some customers may also have the option to cancel through the customer portal.

It’s important to note that the Republic Services Cancellation Policy states that advance notice is required to cancel their services. Oftentimes it will not go into effect until 30 days after they receive cancellation.

3. Speak With a Representative

If you’re able to get a hold of your Republic Services representative or a customer support agent, clearly state that your intention is to cancel their services. Waste management companies often make it difficult for their customers to get out of the contract, so they may try to convince you to stay with them. It would be a good idea to document the time, date, and name of the representative you’re speaking with in case you run into problems down the line. It’s highly likely they will reference the contract or refer to the fact you are in an auto-renewal period at this time.

4. Follow Any Required Procedures

If the representative you speak with gives you any further instructions on how to finish the Republic Services contract termination process, make sure you complete each step. This may include instructions on what to do with any equipment of theirs or official forms you need to fill out.

5. Confirm the Cancellation

There have been reports of people requesting cancellation but continuing to be charged by Republic Services. Request a confirmation of the cancellation in writing just in case they continue to charge you after your requested cancellation date. Be sure to check for future invoices and keep an eye out for any refunds you’re expecting.

6. Bring in a Professional

If you’re struggling with these steps on your own, save yourself the frustration. Companies like P3 Cost Analysts have decades of experience going up against giant waste-hauling companies like Republic Services. We can help you figure out how to cancel Republic Services, as well as help you find a better waste-hauling company and monitor future invoices for errors and overcharges from your next provider.

Finding a Better Waste Management Service

With so many customers having issues with Republic Services and other heavy hitters such as Waste Management, some have started to look for smaller, more local waste-hauling companies that may provide a better customer experience. These organizations are also likely to be more flexible during contract negotiations.

In many cases, Republic may be your best option. But in some cases you have choices. If you want Republic Services to stop service to your home or business, you’ll need to find another waste hauler to replace them.

The first step is to cancel Republic Services; then you can begin shopping around for new providers. However, it’s important not to get locked into another predatory contract. P3 Cost Analysts can step in here to help you negotiate an agreement that serves you.

The Scoop On Canceling With Republic Services

There is no shortage of disappointed customers working with Republic Services, just like most of the other major waste-hauling providers. Unfortunately, these contracts are often written in favor of the supplier, leaving businesses and residences stuck with no way out.

Republic Services makes it appear that the Republic Services Stop Service Process is straightforward and simple. Just follow the steps – look at your contract, contact your representative, and request a cancellation. Unfortunately, many people don’t have such a simple experience.

If you’re looking for help at any stage of the waste management contract process, contact P3 Cost Analysts’ waste auditors. We will help you with the Republic Services cancellation process, as well as auditing your invoices, ensuring the cost-effectiveness of your contracts, and catching overcharges.

To get your waste management expenses under control, schedule a free expense audit with P3 today!

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