Director of Operations

The Director of Ops is in charge of guiding the company’s strategy and organization of all essential business processes. Their duties include reviewing the efficiency of current business functions, procedures, planning changes and updates to day-to-day operations, and collaborating with other departments and staff to set and meet business objectives.

The Director of Operations performs a critical oversight function for the day-to-day operations, including auditors and the billing for the company. They monitor the various process and procedures and look for ways to increase productivity, efficiencies, and lower costs. This person will often be in direct contact with the various departments, strategic partners, admin staff, franchisees, clients, and other key members within the company, working with them to ensure quality, consistency, and excellent service on a timely basis. They will create policies to improve workflows and minimize points of friction.

Their ultimate responsibility is to implement the company vision and mission and ensure all functions of the business are working harmoniously. They are a member of the company executive team.

This person will need to have a diverse skill set. Primary responsibilities but not limited to:

• Implement the company vision
• Uphold and engrain all company core values
• Hold employees and partners accountable
• Learn and adhere to EOS* methodologies (if not already familiar)
• Own and manage all analysts
• Own and manage analyst results and timelines
• Own and manage finding, onboarding, training, and quality control of new analysts
• Understand deal flow/pipeline, to ensure timelines are met and workloads are manageable by analysts
• Own and manage entire hiring process
• Own and manage HR for all employees and analysts
• Own and manage website. Ensure it’s a tool that moves the company forward.
• Own and manage implementation of all tech initiatives.
• Sit in on all company meetings (L10’s)
• Own implementation and hold team accountable to completion of all company ‘rocks’.
• Support critical end-user applications and work in a highly agile environment
• Oversee daily infrastructure, systems, services, & external interfaces ops support
• Primary interconnection between the various auditors/departments and any operations shared services.
• Perform and monitor system health checks
• Champion special projects and any upgrades
• Report metrics, assess system data, analyze errors, & capture user reports.
• Responsible for operations support metrics
• Set objectives for departments or units
• Lead in developing processes, policies, and procedures
• Manage staff, auditors, and strategic partners
• Maintain employee records
• Monitor and measure the success of each department
• Motivate and encourage employees
• Ensure high franchisee and client satisfaction
• Promote company’s core values
• Problem-solving abilities that adapt to a variety of situations
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Proficient with Microsoft Office suite
• Salesforce experience a bonus but not a requirement


• Personally accountable
• Adept at self-management
• Decisive
• Good at planning and organizing
• Strong leader and manager
• Effective conflict manager
• Catalysts for team cohesion
• Goal achiever
• Conceptual thinker
• Employee developer/coach
• Resilient
• Adaptable
• Able to understand and evaluate others

* Entrepreneurial Operating System – this is the management system we use to run the company. You can find information about it online if unfamiliar.

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