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With franchise offices across the U.S. P3 Cost Analysts has been helping companies across the nation determine if their spending on utility, telecom, waste and recycling, merchant processing, uniform/linen, managed print, shipping, and property tax expenses are correct and cost effective since 1991.

Together let’s save your organization thousands of dollars on your most common recurring expenses (non-payroll) and vendor overcharges — we do most of the work with very little time commitment on your part! Contact me to get started... or (603)505-7288.

Minimum time commitment because you provide access to your invoices, and we take it from there. We do all the analysis, plan and execute to achieve cost reductions. No budget required. Compensation only comes from shared savings realized. The areas of focus include Waste Management, Utilities (gas/electric/water/sewer), Telecom/Datacom/Wireless, Managed Print (copiers and printers), Industrial Laundry (uniforms, linens, mats, towels), Merchant Accounts for B2B and B2C transactions, and Property Tax.

Since 1991, our auditors have performed expense reduction audits for over 30,000 client locations nationwide generating hundreds of millions in savings for companies across all industries.
Historically, over 90% of businesses overpay in one or more expense categories. We analyze and audit non-payroll related expenses for businesses and eliminate unseen expense pain points. We have the expertise and benchmarking database allowing us to extract greater results than what can be achieved by your internal resources.

OUR MISSION: To be a trusted advisor to our clients in all facets of cost reduction and expense
management. With P3 Cost Analysts you will GAIN PROFIT. Reach out to me at or (603)505-7288 to get started.


Cut Costs Now

At P3 Cost Analysts, we've worked with over 30,000 client l0cations around the country since 1991.  Over the past 30+ years we've created a proprietary nationwide database of vendor benchmarks.  We leverage this data, and the industry expertise of our leading category experts, to drive savings for our clients.  We find savings at 9 out of every 10 clients we work with.

What our clients say

Testimonial from client who used our expense audit services for the past 3 years

"Over the last 6+ years P3 has saved us over $600,000 in our pockets, after their fees. These guys go above and beyond for us."

Tony S

Sonic Franchisee

Testimonial from client who hired us as expense audit consultants for their medical device business

"It was a no-lose situation. It was going to be a win no matter what. Either we verify we’re paying what we should pay, or we save money."

Tim H – Medi USA

Medical Device Manufacturer

Testimonial from client who saved over $181,000 by using our cost reduction consulting services

"We had nothing to lose to see what savings they could provide. They’ve produced over $181,000 in savings since 2015."

Kelsey B

Public School District

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