Small Parcel Auditing and Negotiating

Our Team of FedEx, UPS, and DHL Experts Can Save You up to 20% On Shipping.

Small parcel audit services from P3 Cost Analysts

Save Up to 20% on Shipping

Are you getting the best pricing from your shipping carrier? Many business owners think there couldn’t possibly be room to negotiate more savings on their carrier contracts, but you’d be surprised. Every day, we save companies just like yours 15% to 20%.

Carrier contracts can be overly complex and difficult to understand. They contain pricing tiers with different discounts for different weights and zones, and no shortage of fine print that can change the pricing altogether. The truth is these contracts are cleverly designed by pricing analysts to be as profitable as possible.

Expert Team, Expert Results

Our expert small parcel audit team of former FedEx, UPS, and DHL pricing analysts understand carrier contracts. They’ll perform a market analysis of your current contract and give you localized insights that will help you negotiate the best savings. With P3, you’ll have access to the most competitive pricing available in today’s marketplace.

With our guidance, you can use the money you save on shipping to run specials like free shipping or discounts on top-selling products. Our clients have outpaced competitors and seen double-digit increases in both revenue and market share.

Small parcel auditing by shipping experts

Zero Out-of-Pocket Cost

Negotiate a better deal with your favorite carrier or explore a new carrier’s rates for a potential new level of savings. Either way, you’ll have more money in your pocket with zero new costs incurred. With P3, you pay nothing out of pocket. We’re only paid a share of what we actually save your business.

Small parcel invoice audit

Parcel Invoice Audit: Leaving Money on the Table?

On top of our negotiation expertise, we help clients get credits back from overcharges. Did you know that every year, billions of dollars in shipping refunds go unclaimed? It’s true. Out of $2 billion in parcel audit credit refunds owed by shipping carriers each year, a full 75% go unclaimed. That’s $1.5 billion!

The fact is, if your company ships and receives packages with carriers like FedEx and UPS, you could be entitled to thousands of dollars in refunds. Every time a package arrives even just a few minutes late, you’re likely owed a refund on its shipping cost.

Get What You’re Owed

On average, 3% to 5% of packages are delivered late every day. But you only have 15 days to claim your money. It isn’t just late deliveries that are the problem. Billing errors can occur on every carrier invoice you receive. The problem is that carrier invoices can be hundreds of pages long every week.

Thankfully, there’s P3. Our team of auditors will conduct a thorough, 45-point parcel audit on each of your shipments. Our proprietary software not only gets you back all of the money you are owed, but also automates the refund process. This means you can just sit back and watch your refund credits pile up.

A 45-point parcel audit on each of your shipments

Our Clients Have Saved Millions

Telecom audit testimonial – property manager

Small Parcel, Small Parcel Audit Services

"Their experience and expertise has saved us thousands and thousands in a short period of time"

Eric V
Property Manager

Telecom bill audit testimonial – restaurant manager

Small Parcel, Small Parcel Audit Services

"I candidly have never witnessed a relationship that was this easy and this beneficial for both parties"

Greg R
Quick Serve Restaurants

Telecom auditors testimonial – hotel group

Small Parcel, Small Parcel Audit Services

"P3 is a company that is reliably showing us value. They are such a pleasure to work with.”

Storm N
Hotel Group

Complete Expense Auditing Services

Your expenses don't stop at small parcel shipping and neither do your potential savings. Our Expense Audit will help you truly understand how your money is spent and where savings are available. In many cases, we can even get your company a refund for past overages.
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