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Our Customers Save An Average Of 3-5% On Utility Overcharges & Errors.

Save on Electric, Water & Natural Gas Expenses

Utility cost auditing services from P3 utility audits

Many of today’s companies fail to realize the importance of utility cost auditing and the accompanying monthly charges. Too often spending in this category is not verified due to an assumption of accuracy and cost efficiency. We often hear “as long as it looks right, we pay them.” It is not good business to pay invoices based on an assumption. The utility company’s position is that it is your responsibility to verify your bills. By assuming your bills are correct or there is nothing you can do leaves your company vulnerable to errors and overcharges. P3 Cost Analysts helps you take back control of your budget and spending on utility expenses. A utility cost audit may be the best thing you can do now and in the future for your company, with the potential of refunds and savings going straight to your bottom line.

In an attempt to make sure money spent is not money wasted, we offer the following services:

  • An analysis of current utility budgetary spending
  • An audit of all electric, water/sewer, and natural gas bills for errors and overcharges over the past 36 months
  • A full analysis of current and past usage to ensure all tariffs are correct and provide the lowest possible cost
  • A detailed report containing all errors and overcharges, with an explanation of areas of cost savings

Our Clients Have Saved Millions

Utility audit testimonial – property manager

Utility Cost Auditing, Utility Auditing

"Their experience and expertise has saved us thousands and thousands in a short period of time"

Eric V
Property Manager

Utility bill audit testimonial – restaurant manager

Utility Cost Auditing, Utility Auditing

"I candidly have never witnessed a relationship that was this easy and this beneficial for both parties"

Greg R
Quick Serve Restaurants

Utility auditors testimonial – hotel group

Utility Cost Auditing, Utility Auditing

“P3 is a company that is reliably showing us value. They are such a pleasure to work with.”

Storm N
Hotel Group

Complete Expense Auditing Services

Your expenses don't stop with your Utilities and neither do your potential savings. Our Expense Audit will help you truly understand how your money is spent and where savings are available. In many cases, we can even get your company a refund for past overages.

Take Advantage of Third Party Auditing

Overall, your buying power is increased when you involve a third party because companies as a group can receive lower prices versus a single enterprise. Plus the convenience enjoyed by referring sales people, quotes and billing questions to us means you have more time to focus on your business.

Verifying the accuracy of invoices, evaluating the cost effectiveness of accounts, identifying unnecessary minimum billing charges, and uncovering redundant billing charges offers you the opportunity to see holes in your budget where your dollars could be leaking.

Additionally P3 Cost Analysts endeavors, on your company’s behalf, to correct any billing errors uncovered during the utility audit process, and obtain a refund/credit for the full amount of the overcharge (within the statute of limitations). And because we deal directly with the proper utility departments, we cut through the “red tape” to get available refunds quickly.

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P3 Utility Auditing:

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