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Who We Help - Hotels and Hotel Groups

While we can work with any business or entity that meets our minimum spend thresholds, we have some ideal client types that we like to work with.

Hotels and hotel groups are one of those. Why is that?

The answer is simple. Hotels and hotel groups have expenses in many of the categories we help with, and they almost always meet our category spend thresholds. This makes the return on investment on our time and our clients’ time most valuable in these engagements.

Some of the best areas where we are able to help hotels and hotel groups are in telecom, waste and recycling, utilities, uniform and linen, and property taxes.

Best Cost Reduction Categories for Hotels And Hotel Groups


Hotels have significant telecom needs. Each room needs to have the capability to connect both internally and externally. And, as every traveler knows, if the internet is not working well, that is a large problem for hotel management, to say the least. And while it’s IT’s job to keep everything running smoothly, that doesn’t mean they have access to all the data they need to ensure it’s running at the lowest possible cost. Our team of telecom experts specializes in ensuring that our clients receive the best possible deal for the services they require. We leverage our decades of expertise, along with our database of vendor benchmarks, to ensure this for our clients. Furthermore, we delve deep into the details, decoding the industry jargon found in the telecom customer service records to uncover hidden fees and overcharges.

Average savings on Telecom15-30%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify$60,000

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Waste and Recycling

The waste and recycling needs of hotels can vary widely. That being said, it’s certainly not as complex as healthcare and manufacturing. Some hotels may have regular dumpsters, while others may have compactors, balers, and other types of equipment. At the end of the day, hotel operators simply need the trash to be disposed of and picked up on time for a reasonable price.  Our experts have worked with clients across the country and understand precisely how to guarantee that our clients receive top-notch service at the most competitive prices.

Average savings on Waste and Recycling 30-40%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify$24,000

View our Waste and Recycling White Paper

Uniforms and Linen

Hotels are interesting uniforms and linen clients. In most cases, they have onsite laundry facilities, which means they do not always engage with uniform and linen companies in a traditional manner. Many times, they still rely on companies like Cintas and Aramark for items such as doormats, soap dispensers, first aid kits, and other specialized needs. These expenses can cause the right-sized hotel or group to become great clients for us, which can yield great results for all involved.

Average savings on Uniforms and Linens30-40%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify$60,000

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Hotels and hotel groups will typically qualify quite easily for our utility audits. The expenses per hotel are typically well above $100,000 per year on their electricity and gas costs. The unique demands of hotel environments make their bills prone to errors and overcharges. Furthermore, in regulated markets, there are often a variety of tariffs that can be more advantageous or less advantageous, which can drastically affect the cost per kilowatt-hour they are paying. In deregulated markets, our deregulated pricing desk can help ensure that energy supply contracts are at the optimum price and insulated from market fluctuations that can significantly impact budgets negatively.

Average savings on Utilities3-5%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify*$100,000

View our Utility Auditing White Paper

Property Tax

To be eligible for property tax audit services, a client’s expenses should exceed $100,000 per year. This means the property has to be worth about $10,000,000 or more. Many larger hotels will be valued at this amount and, therefore, qualify for our property tax review. We have had great success contesting property taxes nationwide, especially for income-producing properties. Many of the methods used by local appraisers are simply inaccurate or unfair, (as many of our clients feel whenever they receive a new assessment). We can help tip the balance of power back in your favor and get money back in your pocket.


Average savings on Property Tax30%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify$100,000


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