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Automate Your B2B Payments and Maximize Your Virtual Card Rebates!

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90% Of U.S. Businesses Are Still Using Checks for Payments. Let P3 Help You Do B2B Payments Better

P3 allows you to reduce the costs of paying vendors by check. Easily approve invoices remotely, pay vendors, and reduce Accounts Payable (AP) costs with vendor payment automation.

  • Maximize monthly rebates from virtual card spend
  • Approve large batches of payments quickly and efficiently
  • Easily reconcile payables immediately after approval
  • Manage payments from many bank accounts through a single interface

Simplified and Optimized

Checks are inefficient, time-consuming, costly, and challenging. This AP automation solution is a service that simplifies and optimizes vendor payments without changing current accounting practices.  Reconcile payables immediately after approval rather than waiting weeks for vendors to cash checks.

When it’s time to pay an invoice, you review and approve the payment directly within the cloud software, then our team handles the rest. Increase control and save money by joining the online revolution for a simpler way of managing B2B payments.

Vendor payment solutions that simplify and optimize

Payments Batch Approval

Manage payment approvals more efficiently with batch approvals. The batch approval process triggers an email sent to the designated approver(s).The email includes a CSV file to quickly and easily view payments and invoices included in the payment batch. Maintain control while gaining efficiency.

Vendor payment system integrations

Easy Integration

The AP automation tool is easy to use with the systems you work with every day! Whether it’s a prebuilt integration to your accounting system, a simple file feed sent via SFTP, or you uploading a payment file to the system, one single interface enables all vendor payments.

Robust Data Capabilities

Built-in robust search capabilities provide visibility into payment data. Search by date range, vendor name, payment amount, invoice number, payment type, payment status, and more! The wildcard search function maximizes search results to save you time. Easily export data to Excel for simple analysis. Data never purged.

Full Service Vendor Enablement

We do the work for you. Automate 100% of payments to your suppliers. If the vendor does not exist in the system, our dedicated call center will reach out to on-board them with their preferred method of payment.

Full-service vendor payment automation

Our Clients Have Saved Millions

Telecom audit testimonial – property manager

, Vendor Payment Solutions

"Their experience and expertise has saved us thousands and thousands in a short period of time"

Eric V
Property Manager

Telecom bill audit testimonial – restaurant manager

, Vendor Payment Solutions

"I candidly have never witnessed a relationship that was this easy and this beneficial for both parties"

Greg R
Quick Serve Restaurants

Telecom auditors testimonial – hotel group

, Vendor Payment Solutions

"P3 is a company that is reliably showing us value. They are such a pleasure to work with.”

Storm N
Hotel Group

Complete Expense Auditing Services

Your expenses don't stop at telecom and neither do your potential savings. Our Expense Audit will help you truly understand how your money is spent and where savings are available. In most cases, we can even get your company a refund for past overages.
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