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Who We Help - City and County Government

While we can work with any business or entity that meets our minimum spending thresholds, we do have some ideal client types that we like to work with.

City and county governments are one example. Why is that?

The answer is simple. City and county governments have expenses in many of the categories we help with, and they almost always meet our category spending thresholds. This makes the return on investment of our time and our clients’ time highly valuable in these engagements.

Some of the best areas we are able to help city and county governments are in telecom, uniforms and linen, copiers and printers, and utilities.

Best Cost Reduction Categories for City and County Government


City and county governments have significant telecommunication requirements. There are numerous departments, usually spread across multiple buildings, and large needs for mobile services as well. Even the best-run organization leaves money on the table here.

It’s the IT department’s job to keep the computers running smoothly, but that doesn’t mean they have access to thousands of benchmark data points to know exactly what you should be paying.

Furthermore, our analysts delve into the details by accessing your telecom customer service records to identify errors and overcharges. We know exactly what the vendors charge for each line item and can analyze that across peer data to ensure you are getting the best deal possible and being billed correctly.


Average savings on Telecom15-30%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify*$60,000

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Uniforms and Linens

Cities and county governments often have large staff with uniform and linen requirements. These expenses can span across multiple departments and add up to big dollars with companies such as Aramark, Cintas, and others.

Our team of experts has worked for many of these companies and understands the tricks of the trade. Aside from averaging 30-40% savings, we help ensure the contracts are buttoned up and our clients have the necessary safeguards to ensure price increases won’t eat into budget in the years ahead.

Average savings on Uniforms and Linens30-40%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify*$60,000

Uniforms and Linens White Paper


Cities and county governments are diverse users of energy. Between sporting event venues, parks, streetlights, and numerous buildings, managing them all can be a daunting task.

From a cost reduction perspective, we often find billing, tax, and tariff issues in the invoices. Furthermore, the utility laws governing these expenses can vary dramatically, driving up per kilowatt-hour costs.

Average savings on Utilities 3-5%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify**$100,000

Utility Auditing White Paper

Copiers and Printers

Larger city and county governments may find themselves spending enough to qualify for our print audit. The expenses can add up quickly.

Our Print experts at P3 ensure that our city and county clients receive the services they need at the best possible price. Furthermore, we ensure that the printer service agreements have the proper safeguards in place to keep these machines running smoothly.

Average savings on Print30-40%Minimum Annual Spend to Qualify*$120,000

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*Client must be spending above this minimum annually, across its organization, to qualify for our free expense analysis. ** In this particular category, these are minimum annual spends per location. This means, for example, 50 locations spending $200/month would not be a good fit.

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