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Fast food franchise

How to Start a Franchise That Is Not a Fast-Food Restaurant

When most people think of franchising they think of fast-food restaurants. And, unfortunately, many people…

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Buying a Franchise

How to Buy a Franchise Business

Many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start franchise businesses feel overwhelmed by their options. After…

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Expense Reduction Programs for Hospitals from Expert Cost Analysts

Expense Reduction Programs for Hospitals from Expert Cost Analysts

P3 Cost Analysts offers auditing services and expense reduction programs that help businesses find ways…

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Are You Looking to Buy A Low-Cost Franchise with High Margins? Here's What You Should Consider

Are You Looking to Buy A Low-Cost Franchise with High Margins? Here’s What You Should Consider

Have you ever contemplated becoming your own boss and reaping the benefits of being in…

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Cost Saving Opportunities for Automotive Dealerships

Cost Saving Opportunities for Automotive Dealerships

Cost saving opportunities for automotive dealerships require the right research and expertise to implement initiatives…

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3 Ways to Improve Waste Management in Restaurants

Owning a restaurant comes with plenty of responsibilities on a daily basis. From managing food…

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5 ways you might be overspending on your Telecom Costs

If you are like most businesses you have significant telecom costs.  Between internet, telephone, data,…

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5 Ways you might be overspending on your electric energy bills

If you are like most organizations you think that there’s not much that you can…

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Top 7 Things to do for your City’s next Waste and Recycling Contract

Attention, Mayors and City Finance Directors  Nothing seems to ignite public passion and debate quite…

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5 Cost Reduction Ideas for Thrifty Business Owners

Good businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money and improve their bottom line,…

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What is a Telecom Customer Service Record? And why you need to know.

What is a telecom customer service record? If you are like most people you have…

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Electric Tariff Test – Can you calculate an energy bill?

Understanding your electric tariff is paramount to knowing how to calculate your electric bill. And…

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What is a Telecom Cost Reduction Audit?

So what is a telecom cost reduction audit?  A telecom cost reduction audit is where…

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What is a Utility Cost Reduction Audit? And why it’s important for your business

When most people think of a utility audit they think it means finding ways to…

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What is a Utility Tariff? And Why It Matters to Your Business?

What is a utility tariff?  A utility tariff is how an energy provider (electric or…

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Can you calculate an electric bill?

Below we have a simple electric bill and electric tariff. As we’ve illustrated elsewhere the…

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What is a waste and recycling cost reduction audit? And why it’s important to your business

Let’s face it. Unless you are an industry guru or are dealing with waste and…

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5 Ways you could be overspending on your Businesses Waste and Recycling Costs

It All Adds Up Waste and recycling is not one of those expense categories that…

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Why our clients love our ongoing Waste Service

At P3 Cost Analysts it’s our job to audit our client’s expenses to verify they…

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