Providing Senior Care in a Family Business With Andrew Salmon of SALMON Health and Retirement

Scott Swearingen / Podcast / October 12, 2022
Andrew Salmon

Andrew Salmon is the Chief Future Officer at SALMON Health and Retirement, a senior living and healthcare facility that addresses older adults at different stages of their lives. In his role, Andrew has scaled the company by sourcing the acquisition of SALMON VNA & Hospice. Additionally, he has forged numerous exclusive and preferred vendor relationships with partners that have helped the company grow sustainably. Andrew is an experienced healthcare service professional skilled in nonprofit organizations, event planning, customer service, coaching, and Medicaid. He is a father and a world-class athlete who has completed six Ironman Triathlons and competed in two world championships in 2008 and 2012. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Andrew Salmon shares three key lessons from previous generations of his family business
  • The various roles Andrew has held at SALMON Health and Retirement 
  • How SALMON ensures product consistency 
  • Andrew explains how SALMON creates a conducive working environment for their employees 
  • How having a smaller portfolio aligns with SALMON’s goals 
  • SALMON’s process for providing high-quality care and services for their clients 
  • What are the biggest challenges in the senior health care and housing industry? 
  • Andrew discusses his involvement in healthcare boards 
  • The importance of community involvement and partnerships 
  • Andrew’s proudest career moments 
  • The intersection of athletics and business

In this episode…

According to a study conducted by The Conway Center for Family Business, only 12% of all family businesses are operational by the third generation. So, how can family businesses succeed amid industry shifts in today’s volatile marketplace? 

As a third generation business owner of a senior healthcare and living facility, Andrew Salmon strives to be the premier provider of senior healthcare and housing in New England. To accomplish this goal, he has acquired a hospice and intimate care center that promotes independence and comfortable living through innovative technology catered to residents’ needs, yoga and fitness classes, and memory care. When facing challenges and competition in the market, Andrew recommends focusing on the aspects of your business you can control to adapt effectively to industry changes. 

On this episode of The Enterprise Builders Podcast, Scott Swearingen welcomes Andrew Salmon, the Chief Future Officer at SALMON Health and Retirement, to discuss how to succeed as a family business in the senior healthcare and housing industry. Andrew shares three takeaways from previous generations of his family business, how SALMON provides high-quality care and services for their clients, and the challenges the business faced and how they overcame them.

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