Interview With AJ Moses CFO Esch Sonic Group

Scott Swearingen / Podcast / August 31, 2022
AJ Moses

AJ Moses is the CFO at Esch Sonic Group, which was founded by Pete Esch when he built his first Sonic Drive-In at the age of 40. Since that time, the Esch Sonic Group has grown to own and operate 72 Sonic Drive-Ins spanning eight states from Chattanooga, TN to Lincoln, NE, and everywhere in between. 

AJ attended the University of Arkansas and started with the Esch Sonic Group in 2009. During his time with ESG, AJ has held numerous positions, including working in accounts payable and acting as the controller before becoming CFO in 2011.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • AJ Moses shares how he began working with the Esch Sonic Group
  • How AJ’s past positions with ESG have affected his approach to CFO 
  • How can a strong company culture help your business navigate challenging times?
  • The benefits and complications of working in a family business
  • What are the challenges of making acquisitions? 
  • AJ’s strategies for maintaining successful business operations across multiple states

In this episode…

How can you effectively manage a national franchise to maintain consistent operations across all channels? What are some strategies you can leverage to meet both employee and customer demands?

Building and demonstrating a strong company culture throughout all levels of your business is critical to navigating challenging times. When executives understand how each role operates in a company, they can determine how best to structure their culture to serve everyone. When operating during unprecedented times, an enduring and positive culture can maintain stability for each member.

On this episode of The Enterprise Builders Podcast, Scott Swearingen welcomes AJ Moses, CFO at Esch Sonic Group, to discuss how to successfully manage a franchise business. AJ reflects on navigating the pandemic, the importance of building relationships both within your company and with your customers, and offers advice on accepting opportunities even if you might not be ready for them.

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