Interview With Brookshire International CEO Benjamin Dunn

Scott Swearingen / Podcast / September 7, 2022
Benjamin Dunn

Benjamin Dunn is the Chief Executive Officer for Brookshire International Academy, which is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to students who have been unable to find success in education. For more than 12 years, he has championed Brookshire’s Dean of Education role. Benjamin has extensive experience running an innovative, cutting-edge distance education program through an online private high school for over 2,000 students across the US. He earned his PhD in theology and a Doctorate in divinity from Seminary at ULC. Benjamin saw a greater need for innovation in education and founded Brookshire International Academy in 2009, where he has shown tireless dedication to the goal of eliminating the cycle of poverty one student at a time

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Benjamin Dunn entered the education industry
  • Benjamin explains why he started Brookshire International Academy
  • What were the major turning points that influenced Brookshire’s growth?
  • How Brookshire remained successful as early adopters of remote learning
  • Benjamin shares his favorite success story in his career 
  • The major challenges Benjamin faces running Brookshire and how he overcomes them
  • The advice that has helped Benjamin succeed in his personal and professional life

In this episode…

Every student has a right to a quality and affordable education. So, where can you find schools that cater to all populations?

Noticing a discrepancy in the number of educational opportunities available to underserved communities, Benjamin Dunn founded Brookshire International Academy. In doing so, he provided career opportunities to high school students who had previously been denied employment due to a lack of education. With a variety of learning options that cater to individual needs, students can forge their own paths to success.

On this episode of The Enterprise Builders Podcast, Scott Swearingen welcomes Benjamin Dunn, the Chief Executive Officer for Brookshire International Academy, to discuss his journey running a school that provides great educational opportunities to all populations. Benjamin explains why he founded the academy, the major turning points that influenced its growth, and how the academy overcame challenges as early adopters of remote learning.

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