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Who we help - Private Equity Firms

While we can work with any business or entity that meets our minimum spend thresholds, we have some ideal clients types that we like to work with.

Private Equity firms are one of those. Why is that?

The answer is simple. Private equity firms, and more specifically their portfolio companies, almost always have expenses in many of the categories we help with.  And those portfolio companies are typically big enough to reach our minimum spend threshholds.  This makes the return on investment on our time and our clients, highly valuable in these engagements.

If any private equity firm has a portfolio company, who has annual spends above any of the below thresholds, we can help.

Best Cost Reduction Categories for Private Equity Firms
Categories Minimum Annual Spend Average Savings


$60,000 15-30%

DeRegulated Electric/Gas

$30,000* 3-5%

Regulated Electric

$100,000* 3-5%

Regulated Gas

$30,000* 3-5%

Uniforms & Linens

$60,000 30-40%

Waste and Recycling

$24,000 30-40%

Merchant Account

$50,000 in processing fees 15-20%

Copiers and Printers

$120,000 30-40%

Commercial Property Tax

$100,000* 30%

Vendor Payment Solutions

$200,000,000** 1.5%

Small Parcel Shipping

$500,000 20%

*These are minimum spends per location…meaning 500 locations spending $200/month is not a good target for helping on utility expenses

**This category we help clients who have more than $200,000,000/year in revenue.   The average savings are based on the revenue we can convert to digital payments.  We can help clients get 1.5% back, on a commercial scale, using digital payments/credit cards.

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