Who We Help

We can work with any business or entity across North America that meets the minimum spending requirements below.

If you are spending more than the amounts listed below on any of these expense categories, you qualify for our risk-free expense audit.

At P3, we are experts in identifying errors, overcharges, and reducing costs associated with your vendors. Regardless of the niche your organization might be in, we have extensive expertise working with your vendors.

We utilize our database of vendor benchmarks and decades of expertise to help you save money and improve your bottom line. And if we can’t help, there is no fee.

Why do we require our clients to spend above these minimums? The answer is simple. This results in the best return on investment for our time and our clients’ time.

We find savings at 90% of the businesses we work with. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Click on the “Schedule My Free Expenses Analysis” button today, and we will promptly get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Categories Minimum Annual Spend Average Savings


$60,000 15-30%

DeRegulated Electric/Gas

$30,000* 3-5%

Regulated Electric

$100,000* 3-5%

Regulated Gas

$30,000* 3-5%

Uniforms & Linens

$60,000 30-40%

Waste and Recycling

$24,000 30-40%

Merchant Account

$50,000 in processing fees 15-20%

Copiers and Printers

$120,000 30-40%

Commercial Property Tax

$100,000 30%

Vendor Payment Solutions

$200,000,000** 1.5%

Small Parcel Shipping

$500,000 20%

*These are minimum spends per location…meaning 500 locations spending $200/month is not a good target for helping on utility expenses

**This category we help clients who have more than $200,000,000/year in revenue.   The average savings are based on the revenue we can convert to digital payments.  We can help clients get 1.5% back, on a commercial scale, using digital payments/credit cards.

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