A History of Franchising – Franchising in the USA over the past 100 years

Aaron Stahl / Franchising / May 14, 2024

The landscape of franchising in the USA has changed drastically over the past 100 years. It has become one of the most popular methods for scaling a business.

When most people think of franchising in the US, they think of McDonald’s. And rightly so, as they were one of the pioneers. But franchising started well before McDonald’s, and the franchising industry is much more than just fast food restaurants.

P3 Cost Analysts recently curated research on this topic with FRANData, and the data is truly breathtaking.

Franchising has grown from just one brand in 1922 that is still active to almost 4,000 active brands today.

We hope you enjoy the infographic below and the story it tells. Franchising is truly a success story embodying the American dream.

(click on the image below for the high resolution version)

History of Franchising in the USA

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