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Energy deregulation

What Is Energy Deregulation & Which States Are Deregulated?

Instead of having to work with a single regulated energy supplier, energy deregulation gives consumers…

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What Is a Dekatherm (Dth)? Natural Gas Units Explained

As a business owner, you’ve probably reviewed the natural gas portion of your energy bill…

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Average Business Utility Costs: How Utilities Are Priced

Commercial utilities are a major expense for all businesses, yet, it’s difficult to understand how…

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bigstock High voltage Power Lines Ele 268545103

5 Ways You Might Be Overspending On Your Electric Energy Bills

If you are like most organizations you think that there’s not much that you can…

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NCScheduleI copy

Electric Tariff Test: Can You Calculate an Energy Bill?

Understanding your electric tariff is paramount to knowing how to calculate your electric bill. And…

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What is a utility audit

What Is a Utility Cost Reduction Audit?

When most people think of a utility audit they think it means finding ways to…

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Utility tariff in electricity bill

What Is a Utility Tariff? How Energy Tarrifs Work

In the U.S. there are regulated and deregulated energy markets — and inside of these…

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