The Correlation Between Leading a City and a Business With Mayor Bobby Dyer of Virginia Beach

Scott Swearingen / Podcast / November 9, 2022
Mayor Bobby Dyer

Mayor Bobby Dyer is the Mayor of Virginia Beach, a city consistently rated as one of the best places to live in the US. Virginia Beach has seen incredible growth both in business and recreational offerings. He was elected mayor in November 2018 and re-elected in 2020. Mayor Dyer is the first Veteran with a PhD in organizational leadership to be elected Mayor of Virginia Beach. He has a diverse background, including experience as a healthcare executive, business consultant, and professor. 


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Mayor Bobby Dyer shares how he became the mayor of Virginia Beach
  • How his military experience impacts his leadership style
  • Mayor Dyer explains how he grew Virginia Beach’s investments during COVID 
  • Virginia Beach’s recreational development and its impacts on the local economy
  • How Mayor Dyer maintains the city’s budget during inflation 
  • Mayor Dyer’s approach to fostering a motivating and engaging culture
  • What are Mayor Dyer’s proudest career moments?
  • The key takeaways from working with the city manager of Virginia Beach

In this episode…

What do managing a business and governing a city have in common? An effective leadership style. So, what can you learn from the Mayor of Virginia Beach about how to lead a thriving city or run a successful business? 

According to Mayor Bobby Dyer, you can’t foresee every circumstance, but you can adapt your leadership style to changes. As mayor of Virginia Beach, Mayor Dyer says that successful leaders have good communication skills, are resilient, know how to react to crises by improvising, adapting, or overcoming challenges, and surround themselves with remarkable teams.

On this episode of The Enterprise Builders Podcast, Scott Swearingen welcomes Mayor Bobby Dyer, Mayor of Virginia Beach, to discuss leadership traits he’s learned as mayor that you can use in any business. Mayor Dyer shares how he became a Mayor, how his military experience impacts his leadership style, and his approach to fostering a motivating and engaging environment.

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