Franchises for Women: 7 Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

P3 Cost Analysts / Franchising / June 9, 2021

Starting a franchise is a great option for women looking to maintain a work-life balance while fulfilling their dream of running a business. In fact, the number of female franchise owners has nearly doubled over the past decade, and more than a third of franchise owners are now women.

There are a variety of reasons for this increase in women franchise owners. Some decide to start a franchise after gaining useful experience in the business world, while others want to support their income in a flexible way so that they have more time with their families.

Whatever your reasons are for starting a franchise, there are many types of franchises that women find success with.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes a great franchise for women and provide some examples of low-cost franchises for women to own.

Criteria for a Great Woman-Owned Franchise

There are a few big things we considered when coming up with our short list of best franchises for women to own, including location flexibility, franchisee support, upfront costs, and market opportunity. Let’s take a look at each of these below.

Flexibility When Choosing a Location

Being able to run a franchise from home or from a location close to home is appealing to women for a variety of reasons. Some want this flexibility in order to spend more time with their children, while others simply prefer the convenience of not having to commute to work.

Whatever your preferences are when it comes to choosing a location, there are many franchises to choose from that will support the lifestyle you want to create.

Franchisee Support

Franchise support is a crucial aspect of opening a franchise that must be considered, especially if you have minimal experience within a certain industry. With the right franchise, you can go from beginner to expert franchisee in a short amount of time.

All great franchises will provide support in these key areas:

  • Training: Any franchise you choose to work with should provide detailed training on starting, maintaining, and growing your franchise. This typically includes a combination of online training, in-person coaching, conferences, and/or workshops.
  • Access to Marketing Resources: Why reinvent the wheel when most franchises have a proven model of marketing their services? As a franchisee, you should have access to these strategies and other materials such as social media content, email templates, and graphic designs.
  • Expert Guidance: Whether you are brand new to an industry or have some experience, having access to industry experts will be helpful for a variety of reasons. They will help you understand the nuances of your franchise and will act as valuable mentors along your journey.

Upfront Franchise Costs

Some franchises will require more capital to start than others, but there are many low-cost franchises that are suitable for women trying to stay within a budget. Many franchises also offer financing options which can be useful as you start out on your journey.

Market Opportunity

Before starting a franchise, it’s important to research the competition and size of the market you want to enter. If you choose to start a franchise that operates remotely, you’ll likely have a larger population of people you can work with versus a franchise that only can serve local customers. It’s also important to pick an industry that’s poised to see growth.

The Best Low-Cost Franchises for Women

1. P3 Cost Analysts: Best for Cost-Reduction Consulting

  • Minimum cash required: $59,500
  • Work from home: Yes
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

As a franchisee with P3 Cost Analysts, you’ll have the opportunity to help businesses reduce operational costs and avoid being overcharged by the vendors they work with. Cost-reduction consulting is a growing field and businesses everywhere are noticing the benefits of working with a company like P3 Cost Analysts.

P3 Cost Analysts offers top-notch support to all of their franchisees which includes access to industry expertise, extensive training, and the best tools available to run your business. The ongoing support from P3 Cost Analysts is also invaluable for franchisees looking to truly excel in this field.

2. Visiting Angels: Best for In-Home Senior Care

  • Minimum cash required: $59,950
  • Work from home: Part-time
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

By starting a Visiting Angels franchise, you’ll be able to capitalize on the growing senior home care market. As a franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to manage a team of home care workers while also being able to serve the senior population in your community.

Those who start a Visiting Angels franchise find the work to be rewarding and truly feel like they’re making a difference in the lives of our seniors. No previous experience is required, but empathy for seniors and their challenges is a crucial skill to find success in this industry.

3. 360clean: Best for Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Minimum cash: $15,000
  • Work from home: Part-time
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

If keeping commercial offices clean and germ-free interests you, then starting a 360clean is a great fit. As a franchisee, you’ll manage a team of cleaners and form relationships with the companies that use the 360clean service.

360clean goes the extra mile when it comes to cleanliness, using top-of-the-line products and strategies to help offices look their best and reduce the spread of germs and illnesses.

360clean is a great turnkey opportunity and their centralized marketing system aids their franchisees in establishing a consistent pipeline of customers.

4. Decorating Den: Best for Interior Design

  • Minimum cash required: $50,000
  • Work from home: Part-time
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Yes

If you have an eye and passion for interior design, starting a franchise with Decorating Den is a great option. As the world’s largest interior design franchisor, Decorating Den offers its franchisees access to their network of suppliers, training support, marketing systems, management systems, and proprietary business software.

Though previous experience isn’t required, an ideal candidate will need the ability to understand design trends and also have interpersonal communication skills.

5. Cruise Planners: Best for Travel Planning

  • Minimum cash required: $10,995
  • Work from home: Yes
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

Opening a Cruise Planners franchise is a great opportunity for women that are travel enthusiasts who also want to work from a home office.

As the nation’s largest travel advisor network, Cruise Planners gives its franchisees access to world-class technology solutions, marketing resources, and professional coaching.

Franchisees are also given access to travel discounts so they can explore exciting new destinations with their families.

6. Fit4Mom: Best for Fitness Instruction

  • Minimum cash required: $6,905 – $26,385
  • Work from home: Part-time
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: No

As a Fit4Mom franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to offer prenatal and postnatal fitness programs to mothers. Fit4Mom offers extensive franchisee training including general certification courses and specialized training based on the programs you want to offer your clients. Some franchisees decide to simply manage other instructors while others take a hybrid approach and also teach classes themselves.

If you enjoy supporting mothers along their fitness journeys and building a network of like-minded mothers, this will be a great fit.

7. Apricot Lane Boutique: Best for Fashion

  • Minimum cash required: $75,000
  • Work from home: Part-time
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

Starting an Apricot Lane Boutique franchise is a great opportunity for women looking to showcase and sell handpicked accessories, apparel, and other gifts. As an owner, you’ll tailor a physical store to your local community and sell unique goods that customers will love.

Along with every brick-and-mortar location comes an e-commerce store so that you can expand your reach and demographic. In today’s age, this hybrid approach is a must to reach your potential market.

Apricot Lane offers great support and empowers women every step of their journey. From in-home training to market buying trips, Apricot Lane goes the extra mile to make sure their franchisees succeed.

Start a Successful Low-Cost Franchise Today

As we’ve seen, there are many great low-cost franchises for women to start. Before committing to any opportunity though, we suggest that you do some research and decide which industry will suit you best.

As the number of female franchise owners continues to rise, now is your chance to start a business that aligns with your lifestyle and brings you a sense of accomplishment. For many women who come from a business background, starting a cost reduction consulting franchise is a popular option.

They get to help businesses of all sizes while being able to apply their previous experience. Additionally, this field is poised for growth and offers much profit potential for women everywhere.

If starting a cost reduction consulting franchise sounds like a good fit for you, visit our franchising page to learn more about this unique opportunity.

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