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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Franchise?

Franchising / May 12, 2021

New business owners are often shocked by the start-up costs for their businesses. Costs such as real estate purchasing, employee hiring, and marketing add up quickly. And, unfortunately, these costs accrue even if the business owner isn’t sure if the business will survive.

Franchising is an option that eliminates your need to start a business from scratch. Plus, franchising often comes with a clearer picture of the costs associated with starting your own business.

But, how much will it cost you to purchase a franchise?

Franchise Costs Depend On the Type of Business

A franchise can cost you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. Much of the costs will depend on the type of business you decide to franchise.

For example, to open a McDonald’s franchise, you can expect to invest $1,008,000 to $2,214,080 to begin operations. Low-end franchise options such as those in real estate or travel planning, however, require investments as low as $15,000 or less.

Franchisors set the required costs, which typically include an initial franchise fee, ongoing royalties, marketing fees, and other items. All of these costs must be outlined in the franchisor’s franchise disclosure.

Why “Cheap” Doesn’t Always Mean “Better”

A “cheap” franchise isn’t always the better opportunity. The success of a franchise goes far beyond the initial starting cost.

Don’t base your franchise selection decision on start-up cost alone — weigh the benefits of each option to find what fits your needs and goals.

Benefits of Choosing a P3 Cost Analysts Franchise

An initial investment of only $59,500 is needed to start a P3 Cost Analysts franchise. With that investment, you’ll receive the tools and support you need to build your business, including:

  • Access to our team of auditors: As a franchisee, you’ll have access to our industry experts. As they take care of auditing and finding client savings, you can focus on business development.
  • Hands-on training: You’ll complete our training program that includes the information you need to learn to perform your operational, marketing, administrative and consulting responsibilities well.
  • Marketing assistance: During your training, you’ll learn our proprietary marketing and sales approach and will be given access to our professional marketing collateral. All you have to do is focus on building and maintaining client relationships.

Why Choose a P3 Cost Analysts Franchise

At P3 Cost Analysts, the only direction we can guide our clients is up. They have much to gain through our services, and absolutely nothing to lose by working with us. This is not something you can easily say about most other franchises.

Moreover, your initial investment is all that you’ll need to get going right away. You don’t have to lean into multiple franchises to make a profit and you certainly don’t have to work retail or restaurant hours to do it.

Learn More About Starting a Franchise Business

Have more questions about starting a franchise business? The team at P3 Cost Analysts is here to help. To learn more about franchising or to speak to a team member about our franchising options, send us a message.