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What Is a Customer Service Record (CSR)?

Telecom / June 13, 2019

What Is a Telecom Customer Service Record?

A customer service record governs everything that goes into your telecom bill. It’s the behind-the-scenes litany of computer-generated numbers and letters that outlines where your telecom lines are going, what rates they are on, and how your charges are determined.

The paper (or electronic) invoice you receive from your telecom provider tells you very little information about what it is exactly that you are paying for.

You can only get access to the customer service records of your account by requesting them directly from the vendor. These CSRs can be thousands of pages long, depending upon your organization’s complexity.

Why a Telecom CSR Matters to You

Without getting access to and correctly interpreting the Customer Service Record, you will not be able to determine if the charges you are paying each month are accurate and efficient.

Here is a screenshot of a small section of a telecom CSR. As you can see, it’s written in industry jargon and reads like a foreign language.Customer service record (CSR)

Understanding and piecing all of this data together is crucial in determining where efficiencies can be gained and where any errors/overcharges are identified and refunded.


Interpreting a telecom CSR is a bit like reading hieroglyphics.

If you don’t have this expertise on staff (in our experience even large IT departments do not understand these) then you need a telecom expense audit to know if the money you spend in this area is accurate and cost-efficient.

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