Michael Nicholas | P3 Cost Analysts

Michael Nicholas

President | P3 Cost Analysts

  • B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Bond University Australia

Michael began his career in franchising in 1982 with McDonald’s in Australia. He worked for over 23 years with McDonald’s, overseeing explosive growth throughout Australia.
Michael also has experience owning and operating his own franchised businesses, owning 5 franchised coffee clubs in Australia.

He got his start in the cost reduction industry in 2007 when he became the CEO of ERA Australia. After successfully running the Australian business, he and his family moved to the U.S., where he became CEO of The Americas.

Michael currently serves as the P3 Cost Analyst's President and senior franchise advisor. While a native of Australia, Michael and his family have been happily living in Dallas for over six years now. Michael also holds a bachelor's in entrepreneurship from Australia’s prestigious Bond University.

When he’s not helping businesses grow, he enjoys cooking and traveling.

Q & A with Michael

Having been a food and beverage multi-location franchise owner, I understand the impact of external factors such as interest rate fluctuations and economic downturns on business operations and profitability. This led me to seek a more resilient venture, one that wouldn’t be as vulnerable to market forces.
Upon discovering the cost reduction industry, I was captivated by the possibility of assisting businesses in saving money and earning based on tangible results — a concept that has proven to be recession-resistant. This has driven my involvement in this industry for 17 years.

My favorite area of cost reduction revolves around empowering our franchisees to optimize operational efficiency within their respective businesses. I am dedicated to not only delivering substantial value to our clients by putting money back into their bottom line but also ensuring that our franchise model is designed to reward our dedicated franchisees.
It’s incredibly satisfying to see how our focus on lowering costs directly contributes to the success of our franchisees and the overall profitability of our clients. This commitment to cost reduction not only enhances our business performance but also strengthens the foundation of our franchise model, making it a source of pride for everyone involved.

Entering the cost reduction industry or investing in a cost reduction franchise provides access to a stable, high-demand field supported by a proven system, offering great potential for long-term success and growth.
When exploring franchise opportunities, prioritize models with established systems, comprehensive training, and ongoing support. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of the franchisor and the network of fellow franchisees can significantly benefit someone entering the industry.

The most fulfilling aspect of my job is being able to witness the success and growth of our franchisees. It is very satisfying to see individuals and groups of franchisees thrive and achieve their business goals within our franchise model.

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