Aramark Contract Cancellation: How to Cancel Aramark Services

Are you looking to cancel your Aramark service contract? You’re not alone. Aramark has a history of difficult-to-break service agreements, with many business owners finding themselves locked in for longer than they’d like.

However, before you throw in the towel, there are some steps you can take. First, read your contract’s fine print and check for breaches. If Aramark has failed to deliver, you may have grounds for termination. Another option is to consult with P3 Cost Analysts. Keep reading to see what your best course of action is regarding how to get out of an Aramark contract.

What Is Aramark?

Aramark is a global food service, facilities, and uniform services provider. Based out of the United States, they offer a wide range of services to businesses, educational institutions, sports facilities, healthcare facilities, and other organizations. Some of the services they provide include:

  • Food Services: Aramark offers catering, vending, and dining services to businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions. They boast many different ways to customize your food service needs.
  • Facilities Management: They provide a range of services to help organizations maintain their facilities, such as cleaning, environment services, operations, maintenance, and even engineering solutions.
  • Uniform Services: Aramark provides uniform rental and cleaning services to companies in various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing. Its products range from workwear to linens and even first aid supplies.
  • Correctional Services: Aramark provides food, commissary, and facility management services to correctional facilities. They also offer training and jobs for individuals in correctional facilities.
  • Hospitality Management: Some of its hospitality management services include managing lodges, resorts, and conference centers. In addition, they’ll handle a wide assortment of services for conference and event management.
  • Supply Chain Services: The company has powerful procurement capabilities due to its size and partnerships. They work with some of the largest national and regional manufacturers and allow businesses to choose their level of engagement.

Aramark Contracts: What You Need to Know

While all those services look great, Aramark has come under fire for various issues throughout the company’s history. Labor law violations, food safety issues, forced prison labor, and immigration detention facilities are just a few of Aramark’s controversies.

One of the most significant Aramark issues that plagues business owners who have worked with them is its contracts. Uniform and other business services contracts are notoriously difficult to get out of, and those with Aramark are no different. You should always read the fine print of any contract before entering an agreement and even have a lawyer read over it.

Aramark contracts can vary in length based on services provided and negotiations, but they often include auto-renew clauses that trap customers for even longer. In addition, they often have clauses that allow the company to increase prices when they see fit. Contracts may even include statements that limit its customers to use Aramark as the sole provider of specific goods. Despite these clauses, many business owners claim their Aramark sales rep told them they could cancel whenever they wanted.

The mega corporation may let you out of a contract eventually, but certainly not without making you jump through hoops or paying a hefty termination fee. In addition, they’ve been known to bully business owners into paying this penalty, even when they’ve breached the contract.

Common Reasons for Aramark Contract Cancellation

Whether you trusted your Aramark service representative, inherited a contract from a previous manager, or assumed that Aramark would hold up its end of the bargain, you might find yourself locked into a contract that isn’t serving you.

Here are some of the most common Aramark contract problems of business owners who want to cancel their partnership with the company.

  • No one addresses complaints
  • Failure to provide services
  • Stained, battered, or poor-quality linens or uniforms
  • Overcharges and billing discrepancies
  • Unapproved price increases
  • Lack of customer service
  • Disregarding cancellation notifications

If your business is also facing these issues, keep reading to find out how to cancel Aramark services.

Before Aramark Contract Termination

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – Aramark does not make it easy to get out of your contract. Plus, even Aramark’s competitors will take advantage of business owners that don’t properly negotiate contract terms. So before you resort to switching, you have another option to take back control of your Aramark service agreement.

Most likely, you’re having issues with your contracts because you didn’t have an expert to help you negotiate. The first lesson is always to consult an expert before getting locked into any contract. If you’ve already signed on the dotted line, we can still help you.

P3 Cost Analysts are the professional help that you need now. We save our clients anywhere from 30-40% on uniform and linen expenses. To do so, we perform a uniform and linen service audit to catch any errors and overcharges on your Aramark invoices. We also have experience in contract renegotiation with Aramark and can help you get the terms and conditions that go in your favor.

Once we get your contract and billing under control, we will continue to monitor monthly charges to ensure that Aramark holds up its end of the deal. Best of all, we do all of this at no cost to you. We simply share a portion of the savings that we find.

How to Get Out of an Aramark Contract

If you’re still dead set on Aramark uniform services contract termination rather than renegotiation and auditing, it’s going to be tricky. Unfortunately, Aramark’s lawyers knew what they were doing when they wrote the fine print, so it’s not always possible. However, you may stand a chance if they aren’t delivering the services promised. Here are the first steps you should take.

  1. Go back and read the fine print. Take a look back at your contract and see what the terms are. Depending on the conditions of the contract, you may be able to cancel if Aramark has breached the agreement on its end.
  2. Minimize your services with Aramark. If you find you’re not able to achieve an Aramark uniform services contract termination, you may be able to reduce services or the number of products. Cut back to the lowest allowed per your contract.
  3. Send a notification of cancellation. If you believe you can cancel your contract based on the terms laid out, contact the company and notify them of your plan to cancel Aramark services in writing. This notice typically needs to be given 30 days before cancellation. At this point, Aramark will likely try to strong-arm you into keeping with its services or paying a massive fee.
  4. Consult an expert. Whether you prefer to shell out for an attorney or consult the free experts at P3, getting some professional backup is a great idea when attempting to cancel your contract. If we can’t help you cancel, we can help you reduce your costs.

Our Process to Reduce Your Aramark Expenses

1. Getting Started

To get started, we will require your Aramark service agreement and the latest four weeks’ invoices. In addition, you will have to sign a letter of authorization so that we can access the required information from Aramark.

2. Initial Audit

Over the next two to three weeks, we’ll audit your past invoices to find errors and overcharges. In addition, we’ll check to see if Aramark is complying with its part of the contract. Our team has years of experience working with Aramark and its competitors, and therefore we can often reduce bills by up to 35 percent.

3. Renegotiation

If it’s not possible to cancel the Aramark services contract, we’ll have a strategic discussion with you to decide on an approach for renegotiation based on your needs. Through renegotiation, we can get better terms for you and save anywhere from 30 to 40 percent on linen and uniform services.

4. Continual Monitoring

After renegotiating, we’ll continue to monitor every Aramark invoice you receive to guarantee contract compliance. We’ll ensure they don’t include overcharges or sneaky price increases and fight to recover any false expenses.

Let P3 Help With Aramark Contract Cancellation

Aramark offers many services that can be beneficial to other companies running smoothly. However, they haven’t earned themselves the best reputation in terms of customer support.

While getting out of a contract with Aramark might not be simple, attempting to repair the working relationship instead may benefit all involved.

To take back control and lower your Aramark expenses, reach out to P3 Cost Analysts today for a free consultation.

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