DHL Refund Claims: Leaving Money on the Table?

Colby Ezell / Small Parcel / August 17, 2023

In modern business, seamless shipping is the backbone of success. DHL, a prominent player in the logistics sector, extends a “helping hand” through its Money Back Guarantee Policy. This assurance is meant to ensure compensation in scenarios involving delivery delays or package non-delivery. While the guarantee promises to alleviate disruptions, the process of securing refunds is nuanced and requires quite a bit of effort from business owners.

The most important thing for those who have contracts with DHL is to truly understand the DHL missing package and late delivery refund. Without a proper grasp of its complicated requirements, businesses are likely to leave refunds on the table.

About DHL’s Money Back Guarantee Policy

Just like industry counterparts UPS and FedEx, DHL provides its customers with a money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction in the shipping process. This guarantee extends to cases where a DHL package is not delivered or is delivered later than expected. On the surface, DHL’s refund policy appears to be a reassuring safety net for businesses; however, the reality is that pursuing a refund can often become a complex and time-consuming process.

For starters, there are some limits to the DHL services covered by the money-back guarantee. To be eligible for a DHL claim, the missing or delayed package must have been sent through one of the following services:

  • DHL Express 9:00
  • DHL Import Express 9:00
  • DHL Express 10:30
  • DHL Import Express 10:30
  • DHL Express 12:00
  • DHL Import Express 12:00

Why the DHL Service Guarantee Is Important for You

The money-back guarantee represents an essential assurance for business owners who rely on DHL’s services to meet their shipping needs. It promises that compensation is on the table when expectations aren’t met due to late deliveries or lost packages. This can be particularly significant for time-sensitive deliveries or critical shipments impacting business operations.

Nonetheless, the path to claiming a refund through DHL’s money-back guarantee isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. DHL’s claims process is characterized by a tight time frame. For business professionals seeking a refund due to late delivery, the clock starts ticking from the moment the shipment is made. To be eligible for a DHL refund, customers are required to notify DHL of their claim within 14 calendar days from the shipment date.

The process involves several intricate steps that business owners must navigate, often demanding a certain level of familiarity with DHL’s specific procedures. In the fast-paced world of business, the time and effort required to file a claim can sometimes feel like an additional burden, diverting attention from core operations.

Exceptions to the DHL Service Guarantee

In addition to the complicated DHL lost package process, the company also lists occasions in which their money-back guarantee is no longer valid. According to DHL’s website, some specific situations that are not covered include:

  • Circumstances outside of DHL’s control
  • Shipments linked to clinical trials where temperature-sensitive packaging is being used
  • Extra charges applicable to any optional service sold with the shipment, e.g., packaging
  • Temporary exports or imports
  • Shipments with high-value contents that require formal customs clearance
  • Shipments with pieces exceeding the defined weight or size limits
  • Shipments containing permitted dangerous goods
  • Customs delays or inspections
  • Inaccurate or incomplete shipment information
  • Unavailability or refusal of the receiver to accept delivery or to pay duties and taxes against delivery if requested
  • Riots, strikes, or other labor disputes
  • Civil commotion
  • And more

In addition to these exceptions, the DHL refund only covers the rate charges for transportation costs only. It doesn’t include other charges such as fuel surcharges, fines, duties, taxes, levies, VAT, and other costs.

When Are You Eligible for a Refund?

After sorting through all those exceptions, we can see that DHL claims can only be filed in very specific situations. However, if a parcel you shipped with DHL shows up late or goes missing, and it is DHL’s fault, you can file a claim — and quickly. DHL claims must be filed within 14 days of the shipment date.

DHL: File a Claim

Streamlining the process of filing a claim with DHL for late delivery requires a systematic approach:

Immediate Action

As soon as you suspect a delay in your DHL shipment, initiate the claim process. Early action can make a substantial difference in the success of your claim.

Gather Information

Before reaching out to DHL, gather all necessary information, including the account number, waybill number, shipment date, and recipient details. Having these details at hand expedites the process.

Clear Communication

To file a claim, the customer must contact DHL via writing or telephone. When contacting DHL, be concise and clear in your communication. Provide accurate and complete information to facilitate a swift resolution.


Maintain records of all communication, including dates, times, and details discussed. These records serve as a valuable reference in case of any follow-up.

How P3’s DHL Invoice Auditing Can Benefit You

If the idea of dedicating hours each month to auditing your invoices and claiming the funds that rightfully belong to you isn’t appealing, consider entrusting the task to the skilled small parcel auditors at P3 Cost Analysts. Our team specializes in examining small parcel invoices and ensuring you receive your rightful reimbursements.

We conduct a thorough 45-point audit on each shipment, meticulously checking every detail to ensure you’re not missing out on any funds. Our proprietary software adds efficiency by automating the refund process, allowing you and your team to allocate your time and efforts toward more productive endeavors.

Our track record often showcases savings of 20 to 25% on small parcel shipping expenses for our clients. The best part of opting for DHL’s shipping invoice audits is that you face no risks and incur no out-of-pocket costs. Instead, we operate on a simple principle: we share the refund credits we secure for your company, ensuring you receive the financial benefits you rightfully deserve.

The Bottom Line on DHL Claims

The process of filing a claim for a DHL package not delivered is specific and time-sensitive, but it’s also a crucial avenue for obtaining the refund you deserve for late deliveries.

By adhering to DHL’s requirements, acting promptly, and ensuring accuracy, you can enhance your chances of navigating this process successfully. Keeping a watchful eye on the 14-day window and providing the requested details with precision will help you achieve a seamless and efficient resolution, ensuring your shipment concerns are addressed and your business remains on track.

However, if that time-consuming and monotonous task doesn’t seem appealing to you, let P3 Cost Analysts do the heavy lifting for you. Reach out to one of our shipping experts today to get started.

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