5 Best Franchise Opportunities in North Carolina (NC)

Michael Nicholas / Franchising / March 31, 2023

North Carolina’s state motto is “to be, rather than to seem.” It seems to be that they really are one of the best states to open a franchise in! North Carolina has topped many different lists year after year that declare the state is one of the best places to open a business, including lists by CNBC and Forbes.

Because of this, many major brands and massively successful businesses are based in North Carolina, and they’re not limited to textiles and tobacco like they used to be. So if you’re considering starting a franchise in the Tar Heel State, keep reading to learn more about the benefits and take a sneak peek at some of the best franchise opportunities in NC!

Benefits of Opening a Franchise in North Carolina

North Carolina is an entrepreneur’s dream. The state was ranked number one on the list of Top States for Business in 2022 by CNBC thanks to its strong economy, easy access to capital, advanced technology and innovation, and low cost of doing business. In addition, North Carolina has a top corporate tax rate of 2.5 percent, the lowest in the country.

As if the low tax burden wasn’t sweet enough already, North Carolina has one of the best legal climates for businesses in the US as well. The state has taken steps to reduce regulatory burdens on businesses, such as streamlining permitting processes and reducing bureaucratic red tape.

In addition, North Carolina offers various performance-based incentives to attract and retain businesses and help companies grow. These programs include the Job Development Investment Grant, the One North Carolina Fund, and many other funds, grants, and programs.

Lastly, Charlotte has exploded as a popular place to live and is even one of the top 20 fastest-growing cities in the US. Between the Charlotte metropolitan area, Raleigh, Greensboro, and all the smaller markets in the state, there is plenty of locations that will offer a diverse customer base for franchises.

What to Look For in North Carolina Franchises

Now that we’ve established why North Carolina makes such a perfect location for opening up a franchise let’s consider how to decide which franchises for sale in NC will be the best fit for you. Many potential franchisees will look to industries in which they have experience or interest. However, since many franchises offer extensive training, previous experience isn’t necessary, so others may focus on what they think will be the most successful in a given market.

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of North Carolina franchises you’re interested in, you’ll still have options to shop around. When picking the one for you, it’s important to consider the following things:

  • Franchise fees: Franchises typically require an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalty fees. It’s important to understand these costs and ensure that they fit within your budget.
  • Franchisor support: A good franchisor should provide ongoing support in areas such as training, marketing, and operations, but each agreement offers various levels. It’s important to evaluate the amount of support you’ll receive before committing to a franchise.
  • Brand recognition: The reputation of the franchisor and the brand recognition of the franchise are important factors to consider. A well-known brand with a strong reputation can help attract customers and increase your chances of success.
  • Financial history: Review the financial performance of the franchise, including revenue and profit margins. This information can help you evaluate the potential profitability of the franchise. It’s always a good idea to reach out to other franchisees to hear about their first-hand experiences.

The Best North Carolina Franchise Opportunities

1. P3 Cost Analysts: Best for Cost Reduction Consulting

  • Minimum cash required: $59,500
  • Work from home: Yes
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

With such a favorable business environment, it’s no surprise that there are nearly one million small businesses that call the state home. Every single one of those businesses could benefit by working with a cost reduction firm like P3 Cost Analysts. P3 would make one of the best franchise opportunities in Charlotte, NC, thanks to its heavy presence of companies that could be potential clients.

The cost reduction consulting industry is experiencing rapid growth in North Carolina, and becoming a P3 Cost Analysts franchisee allows you to capitalize on this expansion. As a franchise owner, you will benefit from P3’s extensive experience in helping businesses reduce costs in various areas and enhance their financial performance.

2. Voodoo Brewery: Best for the Bar Industry

  • Minimum cash required: $200,000
  • Work from home: Yes
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

Durham, North Carolina, is home to a thriving beer scene, so a bar or brewery may be one of the best North Carolina franchise opportunities. Voodoo Brewery isn’t a typical, stuffy franchise either – they retain that laid-back brewery vibe even as they spread across the country.

Voodoo Brewery offers potential franchisees the opportunity to serve their community quality pub food while adding their own design flare to their location. In addition, they do all the brewing, so franchisees don’t have to do the heavy lifting. They have a global following of people who want their beer and need franchisees’ help to provide it for them.

3. Morrison Plus Property Inspections: Best for Real Estate

  • Minimum cash required: $35,000
  • Work from home: Yes
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

The real estate industry is a significant contributor to the economy of North Carolina. In fact, Raleigh is the hottest housing market in the country, with Durham tied for third place. With the real estate market booming, entrepreneurs should consider franchises for sale in Raleigh, NC, that support the industry.

Morrison Plus Property Inspection is a low-cost way to break into the real estate industry. Homes must always go through the inspection process when they’re sold, and as a franchise owner with Morrison, you can provide this service to the residents of Raleigh. The franchisor offers extensive on-site training for franchisees as well as software and templates to streamline business processes.

4. Salty Dawg Pet Salon: Best for Pet Care

  • Minimum cash required: $150,000
  • Work from home: No
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

More than half the population of North Carolina are pet owners — 58.8 percent, to be exact. Raleigh is particularly pet-friendly, even being listed in the top ten most dog-friendly cities. Therefore it’s no surprise that pet-related franchises for sale in Raleigh, NC, would be very profitable.

Salty Dawg Pet Salon created a unique business model when it partnered with the founder of Paul Mitchell to encourage cosmetology students to pursue pet styling instead. In a $100 Billion industry, this unique feature makes this North Carolina franchise opportunity stand out.

5. Frios Gourmet Pops: Best for Tourism

  • Minimum cash required: $40,000
  • Work from home: Yes
  • Training provided: Yes
  • Financing assistance: Available through a third party

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a popular destination for tourism, with many attractions that draw visitors from around the country and the world, including the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Carowinds Amusement Park, the US National Whitewater Center, Discovery Place Science, and the Mint Museum.

A franchise with Frios Gourmet Pops is one of the best franchise opportunities in Charlotte, NC, for those looking for low entry costs and plenty of flexibility to run the business the way you see fit. They are looking for franchisees to fill hot markets across the state by serving gourmet pops made with real fruit ingredients.

Start a Franchise Based On Your Established Connections Today

North Carolina offers a diverse range of industries to explore if you are interested in purchasing a franchise. When considering your options, it’s essential to consider your passions and financial goals. Even if you lack experience in certain fields, there are franchise opportunities that provide all the training you need to get started.

If you are seeking a franchise that allows you to work from home, offers comprehensive training, and enables you to assist other businesses in saving money, P3 Cost Analysts is an excellent option to consider.

If you want to start a P3 Cost Analysts franchise in North Carolina, contact us today at 1-877-843-7579 or complete the form on our franchising page.

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