Top 10 Medical Waste Disposal Companies in the US

Scott Swearingen / Waste Management / February 28, 2023

The waste management industry is massive, growing year over year, reaching $88.4 Billion in the US alone. And it’s only expected to continue to grow. Biomedical waste may make up a smaller portion of the market than industrial or urban waste, but it has increased significantly over the years as well. This growth is partly due to the pandemic but also thanks to an ever-growing population.

Medical and biohazardous waste must be collected, removed, and disposed of properly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Because of the extra care and regulated procedures required of medical waste disposal companies, it’s essential to ensure hospitals, laboratories, research clinics, and diagnostics centers work with reputable medical waste companies.

There are a few medical waste management companies that have majority control of the market. However, more and more local and innovative companies are making a splash. Now, businesses can choose which biohazard waste elimination companies offer the services they truly need for the most efficient rates.

Check out the top ten biohazard and medical waste management companies in the US here, and contact P3 Cost Analysts today if you need help negotiating a new contract!

Considerations When Working With Medical Waste Disposal Companies

There are a few important considerations when working with medical or biohazard waste disposal companies:

  1. Safety and legal risks: Noncompliance with state and national laws and regulations can put your business at risk, further showing the importance of working with a reliable medical waste company. You need a company you can trust to follow legal guidelines and show up during all scheduled pick up to avoid overflow.
  2. Type of services offered: There are various levels of biohazardous materials; not every medical waste disposal company will be equipped for all levels. Some collectors may only accept sharps, and others will be able to receive biohazardous materials such as chemo waste or human tissue.
  3. Contracts and billing: Unfortunately, biohazard waste disposal companies aren’t immune to the diseases that plague the entire waste-hauling industry – complex contractual language and unclear billing practices.

The best option for tackling this issue is working with an expert third party like P3 Cost Analysts. It’s our sole function to help clients reduce their medical waste expenses. We do this by helping you find the best medical waste disposal company, negotiating the best rates, and continuously auditing invoices to ensure you’re being properly charged.

Top Medical Waste Disposal Companies

1. Waste Management

  • Annual revenue: $19.69 Billion
  • Number of employees: 48,500
  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Waste Management is the largest provider of waste and recycling services in the country, so of course, they’ve tapped into the medical and biohazard waste removal sector. Waste Management offers specialized services for hospitals and other institutions that produce healthcare waste. These programs include the removal of medical waste, hazardous waste, sharps and needles, plus the non-biohazardous solid waste created by these institutions.

In addition, this medical waste disposal company will develop training programs for your employees on how to work safer, reduce injury and illness, and mitigate potential legal fines. From medical waste to pharmaceuticals, Waste Management accepts nearly everything you may throw their way.

2. Clean Harbors

  • Annual revenue: $3.81 Billion
  • Number of employees: 18,300
  • Headquarters: Norwell, Massachusetts

Another medical waste management company that offers the full spread of waste management services in Clear Harbors. They’ve been a leader in the industry for over 35 years and offer single-source waste options for the healthcare industry. Clean Harbors services hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical labs, long-term care centers, dentist offices, universities, and more.

This medical waste disposal company can help medical institutions with even the most complicated biohazardous waste. Services range from sharps management to laboratory chemical packing. They also offer on-site waste management programs and compliance services.

3. Stericycle

  • Annual revenue: $2.65 Billion
  • Number of employees: 15,465
  • Headquarters: Bannockburn, Illinois

While one-stop-shop waste management companies may seem like the best option, other businesses may prefer to work with biohazard waste disposal companies that focus on the main task at hand. For example, Stericycle specializes in regulated substances such as medical waste, biohazardous waste, pharmaceuticals, and sharps.

This medical waste management company based out of Illinois has over 30 years of experience, a collection of awards, and a rate of 98 percent for on-time pickups. Stericycle can assist institutions at every step of the waste life cycle, from waste disposal to HIPAA and OSHA compliance solutions.

4. Sharps Compliance

  • Annual revenue: $76.4 Million (2021)
  • Number of employees: 253 employees
  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Sharps Compliance is a full-service medical waste disposal company that offers sustainable solutions for small to mid-sized producers of biohazardous waste. Serving a variety of industries and healthcare providers, they aim to provide better solutions for medical waste management and support for compliance and regulations.

Sharps Compliance also offers MedSafe, a medication disposal system intended to help people properly dispose of and destroy unused pharmaceuticals. MedSafe consists of collection receptacles for unused and expired medication, including Schedule II-V, non-controlled, and over-the-counter medicines. They’ve safely destroyed over 5 million pounds so far.

5. BioMedical Waste Solutions

  • Annual revenue: $19.1 Million [*]
  • Number of employees: 58 employees [*]
  • Headquarters: Port Arthur, Texas

While one of the newer biohazard waste disposal companies on the scene, with 14 years in the industry, BioMedical Waste Solutions has already built up a list of happy clients. Offering low-cost medical waste solutions across the country, they ensure 100 percent compliance.

On top of the complete biohazardous waste management services they offer, their website includes free guides that help business owners. This includes guides on medical waste, sharps containers, COVID-19 waste, and proper ways of disposal.

6. MedPro Disposal

  • Annual revenue: $5.9 Million [*]
  • Number of employees: 26 [*]
  • Headquarters: Naperville, Illinois

MedPro Disposal is a medical waste management company founded in 2009 on the belief that proper medical waste disposal should be fast, easy, and cost-effective. Their dedication to lowering business costs hasn’t waned, and they offer in-person meetings to help business owners fulfill all legal and regulatory obligations.

Their services include medical waste disposal of all types, plus extras like document destruction, compliance training and certification, and mail-back solutions. This is one of the medical waste companies that has a “customer first mentality” and aims to offer convenient and flexible options for their clients.

7. Sanpro

  • Annual revenue: < $5 Million [*]
  • Number of employees: < 25 [*]
  • Headquarters: Lakewood, New Jersey

Originally founded in Lakewood, New Jersey, this medical waste management company has since spread to offer its services in 45 states. They provide the complete array of services needed by medical institutions, from waste removal to destruction.

Sanpro’s primary goals are to provide both timely and cost-efficient pickup solutions to help facilities reduce their overall waste removal costs. In addition, they work with all regulatory bodies to ensure their clients are always in compliance.

8. Advowaste Medical Services

  • Annual revenue: < $5 Million [*]
  • Number of employees: < 25 [*]
  • Headquarters: Buffalo, New York

Sometimes, working with a smaller company can save your business some money. For example, Advowaste Medical Services was established with the specific goal of making pricing more transparent among medical waste management companies. They’re doing so by offering no long-term contracts and no hidden fees.

As a company that focuses all its efforts on medical waste disposal, you know where its expertise lies. They offer fully customizable programs to ensure your business’s needs are met. Of course, compliance training and assistance in maintaining state regulations are also offered.

9. Citiwaste

  • Annual revenue: < $5 Million [*]
  • Number of employees: < 25 [*]
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

For our readers located in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania that are interested in local biohazard waste elimination companies, Citiwaste may be a great option. They offer a variety of pickup schedules, including daily, quarterly, and even on an on-call basis.

In addition to the services they offer, clients can purchase products ranging from sharps containers to biohazard bags and liquid waste drums. They are a one-stop-shop medical waste company for the tri-state area.

10. Republic Services

  • Annual revenue: $12.93 Billion
  • Number of employees: 35,000
  • Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona

This medical waste disposal company offers services for sharps and needles disposal that targets tattoo and piercing shops, doctor’s offices, vet clinics, and dentists. They provide reliable solutions that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations.

In addition, they have a department that can help manage biohazardous medical waste and other waste services typically needed by medical institutions. Their nationwide presence allows them to offer a full range of comprehensive services.

How to Save Money on Medical Waste Management

The first step that businesses should take to begin saving money on medical waste management services is to make sure they’re working with the most cost-efficient service provider out there. At P3 Cost Analysts, we have decades of industry experience and connections to help ensure that you’ve found the best provider for your needs. From there, we can help you renegotiate contracts with your current provider or negotiate new ones with one of their competitors.

The final and perhaps most crucial step for lowering costs is continuing to run waste service auditing. With no upfront costs, P3 will sift through all of your invoices and billing to make sure you’re not paying any errors or overcharges, thanks to the mistakes of any of these biohazard waste disposal companies.

All-in-all, we save our customers an average of 30 to 40 percent on waste and recycling overcharges.

Find the Right Medical Waste Disposal Company Today

When it comes to medical waste management companies, you have options. There’s no reason to accept inadequate vendors, untimely pickups, or repeated errors on your invoices. So take action today by looking through these top medical waste disposal companies to see if a better option exists for you.

Regardless of which vendor you settle on, contact P3 Cost Analysts for a free expense audit today, so we can start saving you money tomorrow.

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