Top 5 Waste Management Competitors: Should You Switch?

Aaron Stahl / Waste Management / November 30, 2022

When business owners think of waste management, their minds go straight to Waste Management (WM). It’s no surprise — they’ve branded themselves rather brilliantly between their no-nonsense name and the classic green and yellow WM we see all over the place. WM has been leading in annual revenue in the massive waste management industry for decades. For many businesses, it’s simply become the default option.

However, there are many other waste management alternatives out there for businesses to consider for these services. Let’s take a look at other companies like Waste Management that you can consider for your collection, disposal, and recycling needs, as well as how to know if you should switch. As a point of clarity, this article does not cover any of the hundreds of local and regional haulers. You may have great options in your area that offer options other than the ones listed here.

Waste Management vs. WM Competitors

Waste Management (WM) is the leading player in the industry responsible for properly collecting, transporting, and recycling all types of waste, from paper to hazardous material. Nearly every business in the world requires some kind of waste removal, and the costs can add up quickly. The market size is expected to hit $68 billion in revenue in the United States alone in 2022. And WM is taking home a massive portion of that.

Because of the company’s size, they offer a wide array of services that not every competitor has available – but bigger doesn’t always mean better. Oftentimes you will find that local haulers can offer very competitive services and great prices.

That being said, the Waste Management competitors listed below have become major players in the country because they do one thing well, reliably pick up waste and recycling. Finding reliable, safe truck drivers and managing routes effectively are among the most important things a waste hauler can do. If the trash isn’t picked up on time, nothing else matters. And the competitors listed below, as well as Waste Management themselves, are some of the best at this.

Unfortunately, many of the bigger players in the waste and recycling industry, and the ones listed below are certainly no exception, have very aggressive pricing and billing strategies. As a result, you may find your invoices are ripe with ever-increasing prices and a myriad of overcharges.

As such, the below list is not a recommendation, merely a list of options that compete with Waste Management on a national level. A local or regional vendor may be the best bet, but we’ve found that most of the options listed below, including Waste Management, offer great service. So as long as contracts and invoices are correctly managed and monitored for errors and overcharges, they can still be a great option.

Should You Switch? Consider a Waste Management Audit

If you’re currently contracted with Waste Management, the first thing you should do is have a third party run an audit. Companies like P3 Cost Analysts don’t have skin in the game. We are independent experts whose sole goal is to save our clients money, including reducing waste expenses and increasing service efficiency.

We have a team of expert auditors that have been working with businesses that have contracts with Waste Management for years. As a result, we know exactly what to look for when it comes to errors, overcharges, and unnecessary fees. Because we have extensive industry knowledge, we can help you decide whether it’s time to renegotiate your contract with WM or switch to one of these WM competitors.

Unfortunately, these issues are common with Waste Management, similar waste companies, and other companies that offer necessary business services. A properly negotiated contract and ongoing auditing is the only surefire way to guarantee that you’re getting the best pricing on waste management services.

5 Alternatives to Waste Management

1. Waste Connections

  • Headquarters: The Woodlands, TX
  • Year founded: 1997
  • Areas served: US, Canada

Waste Connections offers an extensive list of services that holds up next to Waste Management. As one of the largest Waste Management competitors, they focus on having local professionals manage the business in the communities that they live in.

Waste Connections offers radio-dispatched collection equipment, flexibility to adapt to customer needs, and tailored collection programs. In addition, they’re looking to “connect with the future” by utilizing new technology and improving the environment they live in and serve.

2. Republic Services

  • Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Areas served: US

Another one of the largest companies like Waste Management is Republic Services. They are the second-largest waste management company in the US and provide solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers.

Republic Services is one of the Waste Management alternatives that focus on meeting sustainability requirements. They aim to provide environmentally responsible solutions for their customers’ recycling and solid waste needs.

3. GFL (Green For Life Environmental)

  • Headquarters: Vaughan, Canada
  • Year founded: 2007
  • Areas served: US, Canada

Based out of Canada, GFL has grown rapidly to provide sustainable environmental solutions across North America. They offer waste collection, recycling collection, and bulky item collection for homes, as well as more robust service availabilities for businesses.

GFL contributes its success to its ability to deliver integrated solutions that third-party companies traditionally handle. With GFL, you can source all your waste management solutions from one efficient company.

4. Casella Waste Systems

  • Headquarters: Rutland, VT
  • Year founded: 1975
  • Areas served: 40 states across the US

While the smallest of the alternatives to Waste Management on our list, Casella Waste Systems has grown rapidly over the past forty years. What started as Vermont’s first-ever recycling facility has grown into a leading waste management provider in the United States.

Their business plan is to supplement traditional waste management with expertise in resource renewal and sustainability, a crucial sector of the industry in this day and age. Their unique strategy is to view waste as a way to produce renewable energy and as raw materials for manufacturing.

5. Waste Pro

  • Headquarters: Longwood, FL
  • Year founded: 2001
  • Areas served: Southern US

Waste Pro prides itself on offering flexible and responsive services to its customers, allowing the business to adjust to change easily. This waste management competitor continually invests in new technology and innovation to keep its place as an industry leader.

On top of innovation, another main focus of Waste Pro is safety. By rewarding drivers who maintain pristine safety records, they’ve managed to minimize accidents and injuries and encouraged great relationships between drivers and the communities they serve.

Time to Switch or Renegotiate Contracts?

Whether you decide to trust Waste Management or one of the Waste Management alternatives for your disposal and recycling services, enlisting the help of a third party like P3 Cost Analysts is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best contract conditions and rates out there.

There are many options out there, and through contract negotiation and waste management bill auditing, P3 often saves our clients 30%–40% on waste and recycling overcharges.

Whether you’re ready to switch providers or simply want an audit to see where you’re spending money unnecessarily, reach out to our experts today.

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