8 Xerox Competitors for Businesses: Should You Switch?

Aaron Stahl / Managed Print / February 23, 2022

Xerox is known as one of the major producers and providers of printers, copiers, and managed print services (MPS).

Though customers like Xerox’s full-service offerings on the surface, there are some drawbacks when working with Xerox that customers uncover during their engagement with them. Other times, customers aren’t aware of the cons of working with Xerox (or other MPS providers) and are overcharged and underserved without realizing it.

In this article, we will explore how Xerox stacks up against the competition, provide some common alternatives to Xerox, and share some useful tips when working with any MPS provider.

Xerox vs. Competitors

Xerox has become one of the leading companies in the print/copier space due to its wide range of products and service offerings across the globe. However, since the industry is so competitive, other major vendors offer very similar products and services. Without many distinguishing features between vendors, the key factor when choosing between vendors is the cost difference.

Unfortunately, for the average customer working with Xerox, comparing pricing and locking in contracts is quite difficult for a few reasons:

  1. Customers typically only receive pricing information from a sales rep, whose offer can vary widely depending on the day.
  2. Customers don’t have access to national pricing data that can tell them if they’re getting a good deal based on their business type.
  3. Customers simply don’t understand how to properly negotiate with vendors to secure the best deals.

Additionally, many customers don’t just lease or buy their machines from Xerox, they also enroll in their MPS program which comes with its own set of drawbacks, including paying for unneeded services and being overcharged for a variety of reasons. These types of issues don’t just pertain to Xerox; they are also common among the other major vendors in the industry.

Alternative to Using MPS

Though the competitors we list in the next section can be used as product alternatives to Xerox, we don’t recommend using any of their MPS. There are alternatives such as MPS auditing and consulting which can bring you better results than using MPS and can help you accomplish the same objectives.

If you’re already enrolled in an MPS, or if your organization has more than $10,000/month in lease and print costs, our MPS auditing and consulting services can help you audit your lease agreements, contracts, invoices, and level of service to find you savings or ultimately replace your MPS provider.

Xerox Current Competitors

1. Canon

  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Year founded: 1937
  • Areas served: Worldwide

As one of the top Xerox competitors in the world, Canon is known for bringing new and exciting approaches to the print and copier industry. Throughout the years, Canon has made a name for itself by offering well-built machines at affordable prices for businesses of all sizes.

2. Ricoh

  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Year founded: 1936
  • Areas served: Worldwide

Ricoh is a major manufacturer of commercial and industrial printers and copiers, and also offers a suite of managed print services. Innovation is a focus for Ricoh and it is always looking to help companies implement solutions that optimize organizational workflows.

3. Konica Minolta

  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Areas Served: Worldwide

Konica Minolta offers award-winning multifunction printers that are aimed at optimizing your business’s print infrastructure and workflow. Its machines come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for a number of different types of business and objectives.

4. Sharp

  • Headquarters: Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Year founded: 1912
  • Areas served: Worldwide

Sharp has been a leader in the print industry for many years, and it continually works to bring high-quality business products to its customers. Many customers enjoy the ease of use and setup of Sharp products. Sharp also aims to maximize a business’s resources and productivity in order for organizations to achieve their goals.

5. HP

  • Headquarters: Palo Alto, California
  • Year founded: 1939
  • Areas served: Worldwide

HP products integrate well with many organizations, and customers like the added security that HP brings to their print infrastructure. As a multinational information technology company, HP is known for its cost-friendly multifunctional printers and copiers that work great for businesses that aren’t focused on high-volume printing.

6. Lexmark

  • Headquarters: Lexington, Kentucky
  • Year founded: 1991
  • Areas served: Worldwide

Lexmark offers a number of multi-function products for businesses of all sizes. They aim to design smart and practical solutions that help businesses maximize their ROI on equipment spending. Lexmark also emphasizes the importance of sustainability throughout the print life-cycle with its products and services. Whatever industry you work in, Lexmark has tailormade products and services to produce the best possible outcomes for your business.

7. Toshiba

  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Year founded: 1875
  • Areas served: Worldwide

Toshiba’s wide selection of multi-function printers brings customers the security and productivity they are looking for. Their products are known for their easy-to-use and customizable interfaces that can be adapted for your business’s preferences and workflows. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, Toshiba products can fit your needs.

8. Kyocera

  • Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan
  • Year founded: 1959
  • Areas served: Worldwide

Kyocera is continually innovating and bringing a variety of different products to their customers which promote efficiency and productivity. They have award-winning customer support and do what they can to bring great pricing to businesses across the globe. Kyocera is also environmentally conscious and its products are known to be reliable.

Switch or Renegotiate Contracts to Find Savings

There are several alternatives to using Xerox products and services. Depending on your business needs, one company might have products that are a better fit and are more cost-friendly than your current Xerox products. Since comparing pricing is difficult for the average customer, we recommend consulting a third party like P3 Cost Analysts to help you secure the best deals possible for your print infrastructure.

As described above, we also recommend using our MPS auditing and consulting services instead of utilizing the MPS from these vendors. Doing so will allow you to accomplish the same objectives while avoiding any unnecessary costs or overcharges. If you’re currently part of an MPS program, we can help you by optimizing your lease agreements, consolidating your contracts, uncovering errors or overcharges, and also making sure you are getting the level of service you deserve.

We are specialists in MPS auditing and ultimately help our clients save an average of 30%–40% on their MPS expenses.

If you’re interested in having P3 Cost Analysts take a look at your MPS contracts, lease agreements, invoices, and service agreements, feel free to reach out today for a free expense audit.

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