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Aaron Stahl

Chairman | P3 Cost Analysts

Aaron Stahl
  • B.A. in Finance from the University of Arkansas

Aaron got his start in the cost recovery business at the age of 22 when he started P3. After helping numerous clients save money on their waste expenses the business grew from there to become what it is today.

Aaron is an expert in the cost reduction industry and has audited more than 3,000 client locations over the years, helping them save millions across P3’s many cost reduction categories. Aaron has been the CEO of P3 since the beginning and has recently assumed the role of Chairman.

In his spare time, he enjoys flying airplanes and is an instrument-rated pilot and certified flight instructor. He also enjoys traveling abroad, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, and attempts to surf whenever possible. He is an Eagle Scout, an avid Arkansas Razorbacks fan, and holds a degree in small business/finance from the University of Arkansas.

Q&A with Aaron

I got into this business for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted a business that provided a residual stream of income and was performance-based. If I helped people, I would make money. If not, I wouldn’t. That seemed fair to me and was a pitch I could be proud of and get behind.
  2. I wanted a business that worked with all types of businesses. I didn’t like the idea of just being a restaurant, or just being a car dealership (nothing wrong with those of course). All types of businesses fascinated me though. I figured if I could work with a variety of businesses, and help them save money, that was a pretty solid way to make a living.

My favorite area of cost reduction, or aspect of cost reduction maybe, would just be seeing our experts produce results time and time again. Specifically, it would be when a client, who was convinced we could not help them, gets a lot of money added back to their bottom line.

As a business owner, and like many other owners I know, you come to not like surprises over the years. Almost every surprise as a business owner costs you money. Ours of course saves people money. So that’s a fun surprise to see get delivered.

I think for me the most rewarding part is just the fact that something I started 20+ years ago has created opportunities for others. Some of our people have had full careers at P3 (several over the 15-year mark), franchisees have gone from working in the corporate world to making a great living on their own, and we’ve saved clients millions of dollars (hundreds of millions technically). That is all very rewarding to see.

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