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Our History

The Beginnings

Our founder, Aaron Stahl, set out with a vision in 2004. He was intent on building a business that helps other business owners save money, is resistant to technology disruptors, generates residual income, all while being a steward of our environment.

"P3" stands for People, Planet, and Profit. We focus on the intertwining goals; help people save money on their business expenses, do so in a sustainable way that protects the planet, and do so in a significantly profitable way. These are still our foundational pillars today.

From Waste To
So Much More

In its early years, P3 was primarily dedicated to assisting clients in reducing their waste and recycling costs. After securing our first major client, a Sonic franchise group, to accommodate the growing demands of this new partnership, Scott Swearingen joined the P3 team, becoming the company's first official employee. With Scott's valuable contribution, P3's capabilities expanded even further. His expertise in waste reduction strategies and his passion for delivering exceptional service helped solidify P3's reputation as a trusted partner in the industry. Over the next 10 years, P3 went from consulting on trash and recycling to adding hazardous waste, medical waste, shredding expenses, and other areas of expertise.

Our Current Model

In 2014 Colby Ezell bought into P3 and became the CFO. Four years later P3 and Cost Analysts, Inc. would join forces. Through the acquisition of Cost Analysts, Inc, then an affiliate-program model, with expertise in telecom and utilizing consulting, P3 became P3 Cost Analysts and was positioned as a market leader in expense reduction, with one of the broadest service offerings in the marketplace. In 2019, when Michael Nicolas joined our ranks as the President of the company, he brought with him 30 years of experience in developing successful business to business franchisees. With all the pieces in place, P3 Cost Analysts was well-positioned to offer a low price-point, executive, high-return franchise in the B2B space.

Our Future?

Are you looking for the perfect business to business franchise opportunity? With 30 years of cost reduction expertise delivered at over 30,000 locations across the country, you would be hard-pressed to find a better team to help you realize your dreams of business ownership.

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