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Our Process

We have a clearly-defined process of mutual evaluation. We are also very flexible on this process; the end goal is to make sure that you receive all the information you need to make an informed decision about an investment. At a high level, the process is:

  • Brand Overview

    When you first inquire about a P3 Cost Analyst franchise, we will send you an initial email overview of the brand and a link to schedule a call with one of our staff. On that first Brand Overview call, you'll spend about 45 minutes getting to know our brand, and us learning about you.

  • Question and Answer Session

    After the Brand Overview call, we'll provide you additional information through email as well as a link to schedule a Q&A call. We want to make sure any high-level questions that you have at this point are answered. We send you our Franchise Disclosure Document at the end of this call.

  • FDD Review

    Step through the Franchise Disclosure Document with your development professional, address any questions, concerns, or points of clarity needed. This process can be repeated, as needed, prior to formalizing your relationship with P3.

  • Application and Executive Interview

    Complete our Application to demonstrate you are able, should we mutually agree, to move forward with a P3 Cost Analysts Franchise. After we have reviewed your application, you will have the chance to meet with our President, Michael Nicholas.

  • Franchisee Validation

    Speak to two or more franchisees. The purpose of these calls is to validate the assumptions you have reached during your discovery process with us. This is also the time to re-visit any steps, such as FDD Review, to make sure you are completely comfortable with the P3 Cost Analists franchise.

  • Franchisee Awarded

    Once we mutually agree we have a good fit, we execute a franchise agreement and begin the rapid deployment of your P3 franchise business.

That's our process, and it all starts by inquiring to learn more.

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