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P3 Cost Analysts Training Program Overview

Comprehensive Initial Training For New Franchisees

P3 Cost Analysts offers an extensive initial training program for all new franchisees. This 40-hour program, delivered virtually over three weeks, is designed to prepare you thoroughly for launching and operating your franchise.

Foundations Training: Setting Up For Success

The first segment of the training, Foundations Training, cuses on crucial steps for setting up your business. This includes:

  • Establishing your LLC and other business entities

  • Obtaining a federal tax ID

  • Setting up a business bank account

  • Securing necessary insurance

Additionally, this phase introduces you to the cost reduction industry, including key concepts and terminology. Understanding these elements is vital for effectively communicating with clients and the P3 auditing and operations teams.

Technology Training: Mastering Essential Tools

A significant part of the training is dedicated to technology, especially mastering HubSpot. This software, tailored for P3 franchisees, supports various business activities, including tracking prospects and clients, and marketing.

Advanced Sales Training For Effective Client Engagement

After laying the foundational knowledge, its time to switch gears. Working from our Prospecting Playbook and Sales Playbook, we'll focus on business development.

  • You'll learn about our Ideal Client Personas (ICP's), which are key to making sure your time is spent wisely.

  • Our expert and field-experinced trainers will guide you though our Prospecting Playbook, teaching you how to connect with decision-makers effectively.

  • Our Sales Playbook covers every nuance of the conversion process, handling objections, and, most importantly, getting deals done.

  • Pipeline management training to align your business goals with actionable strategies.

Continuous Reinforcement And Support

Post the initial 40-hour training, P3 Cost Analysts ensures ongoing development through:

  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring, every week for the first three months after you begin operations, focused on reinforcing the key tenets of franchisee success.

  • Monthly, franchisees participate in the Bottom Line Call. This call focuses on recent industry changes and opportunities, franchisee recognition, and recent numbers and statistics. Often individual franchisees also share best practices in which they are finding significant success.

  • Auditors calls, occurring every four to six weeks, offer franchisees direct insight from our auditing experts. These sessions may focus on a particular segment or analyze a specific client's recent audit. The goal is to educate franchisees about potential opportunities, provide insights into sector-specific details, all while reinforcing the franchisees' confidence in one of the key pillars of our model; our auditors' expertise.

This continuous learning approach, combined with real-world experience, progressively transforms you into an expert in the field. Thank you for considering P3 Cost Analysts. We are excited to guide you on your journey to success!

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