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P3 Franchise Territories Explained

The Philosophy Behind No Protected Territories

At P3 Cost Analysts, we have stepped away from the traditional territory model. Why? In the cost reduction consulting space, your business will not be limited by borders, even if you tried to reign it in. A franchisee in Dallas could catch wind of a lead in Chicago, thanks to a satisfied client's recommendation. With P3, that's not just possible—it's Tuesday. Our franchisees are able to create a tapestry of connections and success stories that span the country. Our model is designed to thrive on, rather than fight against, this kind of nationwide footprint.

Accepting new franchises in states shaded in blue.

Protecting Your Investment

A coast-to-coast business sounds nice, but you also don’t want 10 P3 franchisees on your block, which we completely understand. That’s why we commit to no more than one franchisee per 200K in population.

How You Know
You're Protected

First, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we have committed, as explained above, to limiting the amount of P3 Cost Analyst franchisees we grant in any given market. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it is also in our best interest. For instance, if two franchisees were to have a 10% overlap in their client base, this would not only reduce market coverage by a significant margin but also lead to dissatisfaction among our franchisees. So our best interests are aligned.

Client Protection

In addition to protecting you from overcrowding, we also utilize HubSpot, a leading CRM tool, to provide protection at the client level. This is woven into our franchisees’ workflows.

  • Prospect Pipeline Management

    Curate a list up to 200 potential companies that you are actively working on getting in front of. These potential clients are considered 'yours'.

  • Exclusive Prospecting Rights

    Once a company makes it into your HubSpot, you have the exclusive write to market to them. We do need to keep things moving, however. If a prospect isn't engaging, it's time to refresh and refocus. It's about keeping the energy alive and the opportunities flowing. But as long as you are making some forward progress on engaging, the candidate is all yours.

A Different Way Of Doing Things

You may be noticing a certain theme emerge. From our no-savings-no-fee model to the fact that we do most of the heavy administrative lifting for our franchisees, and to the way we handle territories, we have our own way of doing things. With a core focus on client savings and franchisee success, we don’t worry about doing it the way everyone else does, but rather operating in accordance with our clients’ and franchisees’ best interests. If that sounds like a refreshing approach, let’s talk.

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